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Smart Home Automation

Updating your home to make it a safe space for your loved ones with feature of our smart home technology.

Smart lighting control goes far beyond, what traditional lamps and fixtures can do for your castle. Fully automated, totally integrated lighting control Our professional in lighting and electrification experts would design and implement indoor and outdoor architectural lighting solutions.

Enterprise Automation

Our Enterprise automation services are the best option for you while considering to take your business a notch above.

Hospitality Solution

Find the best range of products under our Hospitality Solutions sector for enhancing “guest experience”, reduce operational cost , upscale your business & manage HR process.

Climate Control

Maximize energy savings by setting the optimal temperature in any room. Intuitive, sophisticated climate control for every season.​

Our  SMART HVAC systems constantly monitor the environment providing efficient output at all times and can be fully controlled through one easy to use interface.


Installing best quality sensors in your system helps build a safe environment for you and people living/working with you.

Security & Surveillance

Safeguard your business and home with our best and most precise security and surveillance devices. They come with the benefit of installation too.

Voice Assist's

Voice assists is the new tool of modernising your workplace and smartening your home.Simplify your everyday Routine with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant

Customer Appliances

“Electraminds” is committed for service and support to its customers.

We offer vast range of spare parts of Hygiene Automation Products for smart & luxurious washroom’s as a part of “Hospitality” solutions which includes Automatic soap dispensor’s,sensor tap’s,Toilet & Flush sensor’s,Hand Dryer’s.

Hygiene Automation

We offer vast range of spare parts of Hygiene Automation Products for smart & luxurious washroom’s as a part of “Hospitality” solutions which includes Automatic soap dispensor’s,sensor tap’s,Toilet & Flush sensor’s,Hand Dryer’s.

Sliding Door / Window Automation

Automatic High Speed Doors Key common goals are to provide high performance, optimal safety and low maintenance cost. Our products and solutions offers a variety of possibilities to the following industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, steel manufacturers, distribution centres, food processors, and to many more for industries, commercial’s of the market leaders in providing automatic sliding door solutions, from the very outset we have been committed to technological advancements in order to provide our customers with the very best products adapted to each market.

Entertainment Automation

Enjoy your movie nights and spend time with your loved ones with our Entertainment solution gadgets.

Industrial Automation

Accelerate Development of Industrial Automation Systems. We provide Optimized solution’s driving development of intelligent automation systems to improve throughput, efficiency and safety, Our team offers solution stack which supports features like low power operation and high availability, with deterministic performance and real time networking.

Smart Energy Automation

smart switches, dimmer switches, smart plugs, outlets, motion sensors and fan controllers that will help make our life safer and more convenient which offer’s energy savings upto 60% when using smart switches with dimming and occupancy sensing capabilities. 

E.V Charging

Monetize your EV charging network, optimize operations and maintain high levels of driver satisfaction and retention.

Solar Solution

Get ecologically sustainable solar energy to empower your dream venture and become a globally aware citizen, today.

Smart Metering

With smart metering from electraminds you can save up to 50% on your electricity bills, naturally.


Whether you want to control your home’s heating and cooling with your phone or your voice, the best connected thermostats offer flexibility and can help you save on energy costs.

Agritech Solution

Solving complex problems across the agriculture value chain building a global real-time agri-ecosystem intelligence platform with “Electraminds” for smart and sustainable farming with “AIOT” & Data Analysis.

AI enabled “Face Recognition System” for contactless

Modernise the idea of security and smart & contactless technology with AI face recognition model for attendance management.

Consumer Appliance’s

Find the best quality of user-friendly, automated consumer appliances with us. 

Drone Technology

Endeavouring to deliver innovative data processes and content delivery, our drone services that provides aerial solutions by delivering high-quality 

Geo-Spatial solutions backed with enhanced speed and precision for both the public and private sectors. 

We offer highly accurate and detailed GIS Surveying, drone inspection, mining services, flood Assessment, crop health monitoring, topographic survey, UAV data processing, 3D mapping, and aerial photography.

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